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Meditation by the Sea

What is your role in The Great Awakening? 

QHHT level 2 practitioner, Kundalini Yoga instructor, certified spiritual counselor, crystal healing, Reiki Master 

About Me

I am honoured to be your guide and facilitator for this journey of exploration. In this time of great change, we have the opportunity to align and get on track with our soul’s vocation.
One of the biggest gifts to ourselves and our world is to heal past trauma, both from this and other lifetimes. Our higher self and subconscious have clear insight; opening to that guidance confirms and eases the path in a flourishing of liberation.

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"You are here with a much higher purpose" 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques

Imagine speaking directly with your higher self, get true counsel, without intermediary.

Connect - and ask questions! Related to health, relationships, life purpose, work and locations.

Your higher self has all the answers!


A QHHT session with Ceslie is a magical journey guiding you deep into the well of your ancient memory and knowing. It’s a beautiful experience for anyone who is ready to dive deeper into a fuller knowledge of self, bringing back treasures for their best healing.

It brought me new awareness in some areas and made sense of some life-long puzzles, as well as giving me tools to work with them, all from the guidance of my true self through the session. Ceslie is an angelic being who assists you in effortlessly and gently navigating these realms for your healing and growth, nudging you ever deeper in her beautiful energetic presence. You owe it to yourself to take this journey!


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