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What is QHHT?

QHHT is the unique method that was developed by the renowned Dolores Cannon in the 1950s. Dolores also researched what happens between lives, and helped hundreds, in the many years of her profession, to access their most clear internal directive.

Your health...

Our subconscious, given a chance, can heal our body and emotions. Dis-ease is often the way the body is trying to direct us towards self-correction and alignment. The messages begin as intuition, gut feelings and a general sense of questioning. If they are not listened to, they can become physical symptoms and illness to get our attention. 


In addition...

QHHT puts us directly in touch with our higher self. It is an open space of dialog where we can ask the profound life questions around relationships, life purpose, health, work and locations and get clear, resonant directives.


Profound healing that spans a plethora of symptoms or issues is the hallmark of the QHHT experience. And all you need to do is relax, trust and - describe what you are experiencing.

I facilitate and hold the healing space to help you get the insight and results you are seeking.


In this time of great change we are being asked to change rapidly.


In this great ‘reset’, we are called to live by a higher and more aligned frequency. Past trauma shows up in the burden of outdated vows and beliefs, oftentimes unconsciously carried through generations and lifetimes. Understanding from the soul’s perspective lets compassion blossom and unlocks the chains that may not even be ours but relatives' or ancestors' whose causes we unconsciously shouldered. Releasing limiting beliefs and patterns nearly instantaneously sets energy free to see new trajectories and embody our life purpose. The client receives great gifts in seeing events from a higher perspective and will recall the knowledge, talents and goals from previous lifetimes. They can now become assimilated in the here and now to live the fulfilling life we have always longed for.

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Your QHHT session

We will meet in my office at the appointed time.


We will spend some time just talking. I want to know about you before you go into deep hypnosis so I better navigate your important questions when the time comes.


Then we will go over the list of questions you brought to be certain I understand what you mean and can read your writing. We will take a short bathroom break. 


After the break, you will lay down on a very comfy day bed and you will have a very relaxing and interesting experience. 


During your journey you might see past lives on Earth or somewhere else, you might visit an earlier part of the present life, you might find yourself floating in perfect Oneness… it’s always different and fascinating and perfect. Your soul orchestrates the whole experience you will have.


When we have explored one or sometimes two past lifetimes, we will contact your Higher Self/Sub Conscious. I will ask all your questions and your Higher Self/Sub Conscious will give you the most important answers you could ever receive because more than anyone, it always wants the very best for you. 


Then I will gently bring you out and you will have plenty of time to reorient yourself to the present time and we will explore some of the things that happened during the session.


What you need to bring- wear comfortable clothes because we will be sitting and you will be laying down also. Bring a light snack for during the session and for afterwards to help you ground and also, bring your list of questions!!


Check out the testimonial's page fo other people's experiences with me.

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