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Wandering Traveler


Ceslie - is a beautiful soul.  She is a fellow sensitive.  She creates a beautiful space for her healing work safe, nurturing and comfortable. She really cares about her clients and is fully in service to her healing work. She has many years of experience in many healing modalities which is a huge bonus for these sessions. She is highly intuitive and will guide  sessions to open up areas and best benefit the client. My session was wonderful and really helped me understand my past and my lineage, which has helped me rest comfortably in my being and accept who I am and have confidence in who I am. I do reference that session every now and then when I recall certain imagery that comes to mind. I highly recommend having a session. 

Nature Photographer

Sophia Magdalena

Ceslie Rossi held me in a very safe and gentle space as she guided me into my sessions. She stayed present and connected with me through out my journeys. She is fully attentive to details following the thread so that I could experience myself fully, for who I was and my connection with my community and family. She gave me all the time I needed to experience and explore, feeling into every aspect of myself and my life and environment and my purpose, my role for experiencing that life time. Ceslie follows through by bringing awareness to the messages and insights being passed onto me through the journey so that I came  away with a much greater understanding of Who I Am and why I am here now.
I am deeply grateful and I highly recommend Ceslie as a practitioner of QHHT, for her beautiful loving Presence and guidance through out as she held me safely through my explorations. She is truly a Channel of Light.

Active Senior Man


I just want to say how privileged I am to have the healing from you . You are so kind and so empathic . I just love how you guided me through it all .
I have so much empathy for myself now because of the healing . I never realised how deeply my childhood experiences affected me . Feeling much better in myself now. Even my fears have diminished
Huge Hug and thank you for sharing your gift with me.


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